BusinessCure, a company that helps you reach your potential in hybrid/remote work.

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At the last meeting of the BforB Spain / Atlantic Hub business club, the main presentation corresponded to Bibiana Cunningham, CEO of BforB Spain and a Founder of Business Cure.

Bibiana has spoken to us in her presentation about hybrid/remote work and its implications in current times.

Remote and hybrid work is with everyday more prevalent. At the same time employees are experiencing resistance from management to adjust the workspace and company culture and transform their operations to partially or fully remote. So what does the future of post-pandemic work look like? And what happens if we go back to full office hours and return to «business as usual»?

In her presentation Bibiana talks about:

  • A summary of recent events that have led us to the need for hybrid/remote work.
  • An inventory of the elements involved in the implementation of hybrid/remote work.
  • The essential elements to mature its implementation.
  • A concrete and viable way for companies to successfully and maturely achieve the implementation of hybrid/remote work.
  • Finally, she talks about the consequences for companies if they fail to adapt to the hybrid/remote work model.

We invite you to watch the video of her presentation below: